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Manufacturing Facilities

The company manufactures high reliability NTC thermistors for various industries where the quality is critical.

These include India's Space program, Indian Defence factories, evaporator temp in RAC applications, medical electronics, precision instrumentation and meteorology. Thermistors can also be supplied for other applications, when quality or service conditions are critical, such as for export markets.

Certain supplies through the Thakarsons division.

We had established excellent Quality Systems since 1974 itself, with full traceability from Raw Material lots to the finished products packing reference and packing notes, excellent documentation & records of production processes, etc.

Today we have a well documented Quality Management System with excellent documentation & records. The Quality systems includes full traceability & with strong statistical process control techniques and has resulted in a near ZERO REJECT supply performance to our customers over the past nearly 40 years, and enabled CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENTS.

The company has all necessary in-house production & testing facilities at its disposal. Continuous additions are being made as a part of our Technology Upgradation & quality improvement measures. The manufacturing facilities are Certified & Qualified for Aerospace production by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Almost all facilities required for testing as per MIL are available in house and we are approved by ISRO for qualification testing of our thermistors for supply to ISRO.

We are the only Indian Manufacturer of Thermistors supplying for Indian Defense Industry and supplying since more than 12 years.

Brief History

When the group started, Import substitution was a primary national goal. The first factory, Telecommunication Components And Equipments Industries, was started at Aurangabad in January 1974, with manufacture of Varistors for Crossbar Exchanges, the indigenously developed Varistors were found to be as good as the imported versions from Philips, who were recognized as the world leaders in this product, and all imports were subsequently stopped. The excellent Quality controls & procedures resulted in a Zero Reject Performance over more than 30 Mn Nos in 18 years.

This paved the way for high quality developments & manufacture, and the entrepreneurs developed the first import substitute Thermistors for line communication in 1979. Between 1979 & 1991 was a continuous journey in indigenous development of many varieties of Thermistors equivalent to then renowned makes like STC, Philips, Siemens, Ishizuka, Fenwal, YSI, etc. In keeping with our Philosophy "Benchmark with the Best".

The types developed include precision interchangeable thermistors, space grade Thermistors, which resulted in Space Qualification from ISRO.

We have manufactured a very wide variety of Thermistors. There are many other products like component test equipments, etc, which have been driven by our own need for excellent test facilities. Also developed are many appropriate production equipments, which resulted in excellent process / production controls built around the manufacturing process, at different stages of our growth.

The entire history has been one of Innovation, High Quality conformance and Ethical Business Practices.


Following reflect on our achievements:

1) Late G S Parkhe Industrial Merit Prize of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Industries Pune 1985 for NTC Thermistors.

2) Society for Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industry - SIATI Award for Excellence in Aerospace Indigenization in 1994.

3) Late Dr M.V. Dharwadkar Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 1995.

5) Space Qualification Certificate from ISRO for Thermistors. First type in 1996 and expanded range since 2002


Thakarsons was the first company in the group, and marketing was done through Thakarsons. Subsequently, after retirement of the senior partners, the partnership was wound up and the marketing activity transferred to the two manufacturing units in the group.

Since 2010, a THAKARSONS division was formed in each manufacturing company and certain supplies are through the THAKARSONS division.

Group Promoters

K R Thakar - Group Founder & Mentor. The company was founded by Mr K. R. Thakar, a pioneer of electronic components in India with years of experience of developing components & formulating quality standards at the national (ISI) and international (IEC) fora. It is under his able guidance that we have been able to create a Quality Benchmark for the industry.

Arun K Thakar B Tech, Grad.I.T.E.(A)

BTech, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1971. Managing Director, Telecommunication Components & Equipments Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad. Arun Thakar is a National Science Talent Search Scholar and has trained with Hitachi Ltd Japan through AOTS for 6 months in 1976. A recipient of the Dr Dharwadkar Entrepreneural Excellence Award in 1995 Arun has worked on the ISI panel for Varistors & Thermistors as a special invitee. Designed/developed the special machines, processes and formulations required in the varistors and thermistors manufacturing.

Atul K Thakar B Tech, MIE, FIETE, Chartered Engineer

BTech, Electrical Engineering (Electronics), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1973. Managing Director, SVel Sensors & Controls Pvt Ltd, Pune Atul Thakar is a merit certificate scholar in IIT, and a Hindu-Hitachi Scholar of 1975, undergoing 9 months practical training in Hitachi factories in Japan. Atul was invited to present a Paper on Creative Management in Japan, at the 2 week Management Training Program in 1982. Atul is a recipient of the Dr Dharwadkar Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 1995. He has also presented a paper at the National Conference on Test Engineering & Metrology at Bangalore in 1999, on Testing of Thermistors, and attended the Essential Metrology workshop in UK in Nov 1999.


1971: Thakarsons established and development work started.

1974: Set up the first manufacturing unit at Aurangabad to manufacture Varistors

1978 - 79: Developed the first Thermistors

1986: Developed indirectly heated Thermistors incorporating complex technology. Only a very few companies world-wide have developed this type.

1991: Established second manufacturing company at Pune and bead thermistor production shifted to new unit.

1996: Space Qualified for 10K Thermistor by ISRO Satellite Centre

2002: Space Qualified full range of Thermistors from 500 ohms to 1.2 M ohms by Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organization

2003: Completed development of Thermistors for Radiosonde applications used in weather monitoring.

2004: started export of special microchip radial lead resistors for German Customer.

2005: started export of chip Thermistors to Germany.

2010: Marketing transferred from Thakarsons partnership firm to manufacturing unit, with establishment of THAKARSONS as a division of the manufacturing company.