Products Range
Pellets & Washers: Disc type pellets & washers 3.2, 4.2, 5.2 & 6.2 mm nominal dia. Resistance @ 100°C : 20 to 200 ohms Tolerance : ± 3%, 5%, 8%. Curve match
Applications: Automobile engine temperature sensing Sensors assemblies.

Chips & SMD's: Precision Sensors. Fast Response. Chips in sizes 1 x1 to 2 x 2 sq SMD's in std sizes 0805, 0603, 0402 Resistance 1K to 1 Mohm Tolerance : ±1%, 2%, 3%, 5%.
Applications: Hybrid Micro Circuits, Surface sensors.

Discs: Epoxy coated, 2.5 mm nom Ø Resistance 100 ohms to 1.2 M ohms. Normal Tolerance : ± 1%, 2%.
Applications: High stability temperature sensors, TCXO, OCX, Automotive, RAC, Industrial Electronics, Electronic Weighing balances.

MIL: Series tc-MIL, Epoxy coated, 2.5 mm nom dia Resistance 100 ohms to 1.2 M ohms. to meet or exceed MIL specs MIL PRF 23648F/40C style RTH044
Normal Tolerance: ± 1%, 2%.
Applications: Defense applications and other applications with severe exposure to temperature / vibration/ shock

Precision: Excellent stability & Interchangeability 2.4 mm max dia. Resistance 0.5K to 1200K Accuracy ±0.1°C, ±0.2°C, ±0.5°C.  R-T Curve matched in temperature spans of 50,70 & 100°c. Range to be specified eg 0-50°C, -20~50°C, 0~70°C, 0-100°C. Can be offered with extended leads/cables for oceanography applications.
Applications: Temperature measurement & control. High accuracy sensors for critical precision requirements. Ideal for baby incubators, Sperm cell storage for animal husbandry, Oceanographic measurements, digital temperature controllers with upto 0.1°C accuracy and .01°C resolution

SQ Space Qualified Types: Resistance 500 ohms to 1.2 M Ohms Interchangeable ±0.1°C, ±0.2°C, over 0 to 70C High Reliability, Individual Calibration, Screened.
Applications: Aerospace applications Satellites Launch Vehicles Communication & Meteorology Payloads.

ROD Thermistors: 0.5 to 2.0mm dia 10 to 50 mm length Resistance 5K to 30K, Tol ±1%, 2%, 3% Low Solar Radiation Absorption. Options : Individual Calibration / 0.1°C groupings.
Applications: Meteorology applications Radiosondes

Lin Therm - LTM Linearised Thermistor Modules with Matched Resistor Network Accuracy +/- 0.2°c / +/- 0.5°c Options : Interface Card & Digital Display Sensors Packaging - Customised.
Applications: Accurate temperature indication/controlOver wide temperature spans upto 100°c.

Thermistors Sensors: As per your requirement. Either with bare terminals or insulated pvc / Teflon wire leads soldered directly to the thermistor element. Can offer with specified R at specific temperature for improved performance and circuit simplification. The design enables more compact probe design with faster response. R25°C : 0.5kΩ to 1000kΩ. Tolerance : ±1%. ±2%. Optimises both design & cost.
Applications: Temperature Control for precision mini ovens, safety cut-off applications for use in power electronics and consumer durable products. Heat sink mounting. Induction heating equipment, etc. Special leaded version of chip resistors, in size of 0.8 Ø x 2.2 lengths. Advantage of stability. No change in resistance during subsequent assembly.
Special Product Developments: We have been developing products and solutions for customers in India including some of the most complex multi-disciplinary input products like Indirectly Heated Thermistors, Space Grade Thermistors, Radiosonde Thermistors.
Space Grade Products: Supplying to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) since 1994. These are subjected to full MIL and GSFC Qualification procedures. We are now Space Qualified with ISRO manufacturing a full range of Thermistors from 500 ohms to 1.2 M ohms.
Screened Products: We also offer screened components for our customers' high reliability requirements.
Customized Developments: The variables in the Thermistor Characteristics including R25, B, Dissipation constant, Time constant Tolerances, Curve Characteristics, Temp. range, Shape & Size, Packaging etc, create thousands of permutations and combinations. We hence manufacture only against orders and offer devices to suit individual customer requirements. For this it is necessary to provide full details of your requirements specs, features & applications.
Special Assemblies: Special assemblies can be offered as per customer requirements. For eg we have supplied Thermistor with parallel chip resistor combination in a single package. We can also supply with special / shaped leads for direct fitment as sensors in different applications, Surface Plate mounted devices, Devices soldered to rods or casings, sensors with integral special long leads etc. are also available to customer specifications & drawings.

Contract manufacture ALR Axial Lead Resistor: Special leaded version of chip resistors, in size of 0.8 Ø x 2.2 length. Advantage of stability. No change in resistance during subsequent assembly. Can be fitted into flexible wiring.